Fort Worth Teen Challenge is a Christian drug and alcohol ministry for women ages eighteen and older. Those deciding that they are serious about change in their lives make a personal commitment to come and live in our residential program for a period of twelve or more months. We feel that there needs to be a definite culture change, which can only happen over an extended period of time.

What we do:
We reach out to those who need help. The individual seeking help is received into the program and brought into a consistent schedule of Bible studies, prayer, work, and recreation. There is also in opportunity to acquire a G.E.D. diploma.

How Teen Challenge Began:
The ministry of Teen Challenge was born in 1958 in the heart of David Wilkerson, a young Assemblies of God minister. He was moved to action when he witnessed the devastating effects of delinquency and drugs on teenagers in New York City.

Statistically Speaking:
We believe that Jesus is the factor that helps individuals abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, and all manner of deviant behavior through their relationship to Him.

In June 1999, research supervised by Northwestern University in Illinois showed that 86% of those who completed the Teen Challenge program have remained drug free.

In God is my Salvation and My Glory: the Rock of My Strength and My Refuge, is in God. Psalm 62:7